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2021 Fall Interns

We have officially welcomed our interns for the 2021 fall semester!

First, we have Kiki coming to us from The University of Texas at Austin. Kiki is working towards attaining an MSSW. For over four years, Kiki has been working at a supervised visitation center via The SAFE Alliance with families that have experienced domestic violence. By being at Trinity Center, she hopes to help improve the quality of life for people in Austin and beyond, by helping create new anti-oppressive systems that focus on economic justice and that better serve people suffering from homelessness, trauma, mental illness, and substance abuse. Welcome Kiki!

Next, we have Peter from San Marcos' Texas State University, where he is working towards a BSW. Peter's dedication to social services began when he was much younger, doing relief work in Haiti. His interest to help marginalized individuals continued when he moved to Austin and noticed the many needs of the people within his own community. Welcome Peter!

Finally, we have Gil who is studying at St. Edward's University in Austin to receive a BSW. Gil mentions that she loves helping people and hopes to serve her community that faces daily challenges. She is fluent in American Sign Language, making her a great asset to our hearing impaired neighbors. Welcome to Gil!

We are certain that Kiki, Peter, and Gil are going to be a great addition to our Trinity Center team by showing empathy, compassion, and advocacy for our neighbors.

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