AmeriCorps 2021-2022

Please help us in welcoming our AmeriCorps member for the 2021-2022 year, Libby! As part of the Keep Austin Housed program, Libby will be working directly with people experiencing homelessness in Austin towards attaining affordable and stable housing. Libby will be available in Trinity Center providing case management aide, assisting with operations, and ensuring that files are properly sorted.

Libby has spent much of her life volunteering for her community. Besides being at Trinity Center, Libby also plans and hosts donation drives and fundraiser for local organizations.

Libby mentions that she chose Trinity Center over other agencies because "there were a few serendipitous encounters which were all confirmed when I came in for my interview. Immediately, it was the small staff, all of whom were incredibly open and welcoming, whose mission seemed to align with my own. Bigger picture, I knew I wanted to be immersed with our neighbors in the downtown area. The opportunity presented itself as one of the greatest challenges and learning experiences that I could have."

Libby says she hopes to take this away from Trinity Center: "I feel like I have already learned so much on the operational end of running the center. Overall, I hope to become a better listener, to empower our neighbors through their stories and experiences. Ultimately, I hope to become a better advocate for our unhoused and populations. They need us now more than ever as the city has waged a war on this incredibly vulnerable population."

Libby hopes to "help one, two if not a few of our neighbors find a place to call home. Along the way, I hope to find small ways to remind our Neighbors that they matter. "

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