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From the Desk of the Executive Director

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

It has been a month since we welcomed Eunice Garcia as our new Volunteer and Communications Coordinator. It brings us joy to witness a fantastic woman, who was first introduced to us as an intern, join our team and do so seamlessly. Eunice oversees our newly launched website to keep it alive and engaging, as well as manages other media tools. She recruits, welcomes, trains, and maintains relationships and communication with our amazing troop of volunteers, who are essential members of the Trinity family. Their continued dedication, even through the pandemic, inspire and encourage all of us at Trinity Center. Welcome and thank you, Eunice.

About two months ago we started allowing more neighbors into the center, thinking that it was safe to do so. Alas, the Delta variant of the COVID pandemic is pushing us back once again. How unfortunate! First, for the neighbors that we serve and that so need to have some indoor respite! Second, it is frustrating to all the staff and volunteers, who are so eager and ready to see the center once again at its full capacity.

That said, in actual direct services we are doing much more. Consider our financial assistance to individuals just for the month of July. We offered financial assistance to a total of 210(!) neighbors in July. We spent over $3,000 in July for rental and utility assistance. We paid for 159 ID documents: 49 birth certificates and 110 picture ID or driver licenses! We assisted 19 neighbors in completing and mailing applications for their social security cards. Though to most of us this may seem small, to the neighbors that we serve not having vital documentation is a major setback and barrier to overcome their hardships.

We said our goodbye to John Dunstan. He was an excellent AmeriCorps member, who has completed his year of service and has since departed from the city of Austin. John was a phenomenal AmeriCorps member! We will miss him and are deeply grateful for his masterful service with us. May the road rise with you, dear friend. In September we will welcome Libby as the AmeriCorps member for 2021-2022!

In late July, we signed a contract with a new security company, Cascadia-Global. Nate Johnson, our new security guard, is fantastic! He “gets” us and the neighbors, and he is on to an excellent start. It is not easy to find the person with the unique qualifications to oversee security at Trinity Center. It takes a deep understanding of the balance between compassion and healthy boundaries. Nate tells us that he loves working here, and we love having him here.

We are praying for a society in which each member takes responsibility and accountability for being vaccinated and masked so that we all can move forward toward ending this awful pandemic. We wish you all a healthy, cool, and joyous summer. We are deeply grateful for your involvement with Trinity Center.

As you bless, so may you be blessed.

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