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Letter from our Chair of the Board of Directors

Trinity Center Supporters,

I have great news from Trinity Center.

Despite the challenges of the last 18 months that we all are going through, we have had a successful year. I am providing you with the numbers below that represent Trinity Center’s services, as of the end of October:

  • We served over 18,000 breakfasts and over 23,000 total meals.

  • We paid for over 1,250 essential documents without which progress is not possible.

  • We gave nearly 2,600 weekly bus passes to help our neighbors move around town.

  • We purchased nearly 100 Greyhound tickets, to re-unify homeless neighbors with families all over the United States, therefore ending their homeless situation.

And we keep on serving, loving, and offering a caring community, just as if there was no pandemic, no winter freeze. Nothing has stopped us.

While we have had to limit our volunteer service due to our health protocols, our creative, thoughtful staff has found ways of pushing the mission forward. They have felt blessed by the calls, notes, prayers, or donuts you have sent. This year-end letter is sent with fresh hope, looking forward with renewed faith. Our commitment to the mission to love and serve those experiencing homelessness continues to grow, undeterred.

I would not have expected to look back these trying times with so much gratitude. But God has His way of loving us in the bleak moments and showing abundance when we are not hoping for much.

And that always seems to be the story of Trinity Center.

This can’t happen, or continue, without your generosity and support. And so, as this year is nearing an end, and as we gather in a spirit of gratitude, please consider including Trinity Center in your heart-filled giving.


Cissy Warner Chair of the Board of Directors

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