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"Some of us do want to be someone in life" Donato.


Donato's journey into homelessness began in 1989. Since moving to Austin in 2009, he has been involved with the Trinity Center community. This year, 2024, marks a turning point in Donato's life—a year filled with newfound hope.

In April, Donato received approval for a temporary place to stay, a small yet significant step towards securing a permanent home. With the invaluable assistance of our Case Manager, Myah, Donato was able to complete the process to move into a tiny, temporary home—a safe place where he could finally reside as he waits for his forever home to materialize.

Donato speaks joyfully about finally having a place to call his own, the day he opened his tiny home for the first time, was one of the rare times Myah had ever seen him smile. It's something most of us take for granted—the simple act of stepping into our homes after a long day, closing the door behind us and feeling safe. For Donato, this basic sense of security is a newfound luxury after 33 years of uncertainty and hardship, and even with the awareness of forthcoming challenges, he maintains hope and is focused on accomplishing his objectives.

Today, Donato is off the streets, filled with optimism for the future. Yet, his journey prompts us to question the system—a system that makes it incredibly challenging for homeless individuals to access stable housing. The lengthy waitlists for shelters reflect a widespread issue that Donato endured for 33 long years—a difficulty shared by countless others living on the streets, struggling to maintain faith in the possibility of finding their own place to call home.

As we stand alongside Donato on his journey, we hold onto hope and optimism for his future and wish that his permanent housing approval arrives much sooner than his temporary place.

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