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Congratulations to our New Executive Director

Trinity Center is excited to present our new Executive Director, Christian Rodriguez.

Having begun in his new role August 1st, Christian will be leading our efforts to continue to advance the mission to serve our neighbors with compassion as Trinity Center has for the past 22 years.

Christian will be replacing our retiring Executive Director, Irit Umani, who for the last 12 years made exceptional and transformational changes to Trinity Center, while also advocating, for the unhoused population in our city.

Born and raised in El Paso, TX, Christian found his home in Austin in 2010 when he attended The University of Texas. In 2014, he began his journey with Trinity Center as an intern and graduated shortly thereafter with his degree in Social Work. His values and concern for issues of social justice, the diginity of others, servant leadership, unconditional love, and hospitality make him the perfect person to step into this role.

Christian previously served Trinity Center for 4 years as our Operations Manager, ensuring that the work and daily services that benefit many ran smoothly. His knowledge of Trinity’s operations, as well as the visions he has for the organization’s future will provide a smooth transition. As Executive Director, Christian will work closely with the Trinity Center staff, board, and volunteers to continue to evolve and grow our services to our unhoused neighbors.

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