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Transportation Win!

We are celebrating a BIG win alongside many other organizations that loudly advocated for free bus rides for our unhoused neighbors. Without these voices, it is impossible to drive change in our community. Change that is greatly needed for our neighbors to meet basic needs.

In partnership with the Transit Empowerment Fund and Capital Metro, as the work continues toward a free fare system, in the interim, Trinity Center has been granted a bulk number of 31-day passes for distribution! This means 31-days of transportation to potentially life changing appointments, jobs or employment opportunities, school, and other social services. It also means consistency and the removal of a barrier that so many have faced—not being able to get from point A to point B.

While we are grateful to CapMetro and Transit Empowerment Fund to be one of the agencies that received a large sum of 31-day bus passes to distribute amongst our neighbors, we plan to continue being part of the discussion for permanent bus rides at no-cost.

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