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Volunteer Appreciation

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

On July 10th, we were able to celebrate our amazing volunteers and the work they do at Trinity Center. Currently, we have a full team of 26 volunteers that come to the center Monday through Friday to serve breakfast, assemble outfits, check mail, man the front desk, and help folks get IDs and birth certificates. To date they have completed over 1,100 hours of service together since the beginning of 2021. Without the help of our team of volunteers we could not have helped folks get: 200+ id’s, 70+ driver's licenses, 300+ birth certificates, 20+ food handler’s certificates, 40+ long distance bus tickets, 20+ prescriptions, and over $25,000 in rent and utility help.

We are immensely thankful to have such an amazing and dedicated group of folks that want to come back every week, especially through a global pandemic, to work alongside our staff in our missions to serve the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of people experiencing homelessness and poverty in Austin.

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